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Consultancy Services

Are our cultural institutions in danger? Are orchestras and theatres in crisis?

When a ship begins a passage through difficult waters, it takes an experienced pilot on board. With his expert knowledge, he can find solutions in problematic situations and then disembark when his work is successfully accomplished.

Acting as a pilot through troubled “cultural waters“, Klangkultur-Stephan Popp offers customized consultancy and coaching services, in conjunction when necessary with specialists from Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich. Areas where these services can be applied include:

  • Staffing issues in cultural organizations
  • Support in artistic matters
  • Analysis and planning in specific business situations
  • Guidance along the path of solving new challenges

Klangkultur - Stephan Popp can provide expertise in numerous fields: After studying music and gaining a diploma in business studies Stephan Popp has gone on to become an industry expert, and brings extensive experience to the consultancy services he offers.

As one of the founders of the „Deutsche Orchestertag Berlin“, he has for many years been involved in developing the skills of orchestra managers. For more than a decade he has served on specialist committees within the „Deutsche Bühnenverein“ an organisation representing 430 theatres, opera houses, drama, ballet and opera companies and orchestras across Germany. In particular he has contributed to the work of the Orchestra Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Orchestra Managers’ Group. Stephan Popp acted as spokesman of the Consortium of Orchestra Managers and Directors, first for southern Germany, and later for Northrhine-Westfalia. He is a member of a specialist advisory committee of the Landesmusikrat NRW.

He is currently in demand as an expert in many areas, as a consultant, adviser or interim manager for various cultural institutions across Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Stephan Popp sees himself as a „cultural enabler“. The aim of his work is to turn culture, and in particular music, into something that can be experienced to the full.

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